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Hotels / Resorts in Orissa, India
Hotels in Orissa - location Map

VITS - Bhubaneswar
  • The hotel is located 2Km from the city railway & 5 Km from the city Airport.
  • Well-designed and spacious Banqueting facilities to meet every expectation.
  • Health Club Ects To Be Ready On The Second Phase

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VITS Bhubaneswar VITS Bhubaneswar

Lotus Resorts - Konark
  • Located just 7 Km from Konark
  • Landscaped vegetable & butterfly garden
  • Health Spa, (panchakarma).
    From Rs.3,500Book 4 Star Resorts in Konark Lotus Resorts
Lotus Resorts Konark Lotus Resorts Konark

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